Guildford Environmental Forum talk a good talk

Guildford Environmental Forum talk a good talk

Who are Guildford Environmental Forum?

Guildford Environmental Forum are a group of environmentalists based in Guildford, founded in 1993.

working to make Guildford and the world beyond a greener and more sustainable place by educating, informing, cutting energy use, reducing ecological footprints, helping wildlife and tackling climate change.”

Guildford Environmental Forum talk a good talk

Guildford Environmental Forum gave a talk at the Ash Centre late last year, and frankly I was quite excited. I was looking forward to hearing from a local group with the same interests as me in protecting the environment, and what we could do about climate change on a local level. I was in fact, so enthusiastic that I invited along a friend of mine who is himself working hard in the Landscaping Industry to drive change.

We sat in the front row and listened to an impassioned, 45 minute talk about the global climate emergency. It was really well put together. Professional. Slick. The lady giving the talk was both passionate and knowledgable, and finished with a ‘knockout’ call to action:

“Get Angry, Take Action.”

Why was the talk such a disappointment?

I was disappointed because that was it. They finished the talk and opened for questions. 45 minutes of building up to this point, and they had nothing to give us. I was angry. They had wasted an amazing opportunity to give a room of local, engaged people the next steps. What is the point of telling people to take action, If you then don’t give any indication to what action we are supposed to take?

I had to do something about this, to give them a chance. I raised my hand and asked what action the people in the room could take. The look of surprise I received at the very question filled me with frustration. I pushed further, asking if they had a list of objectives they wanted to achieve in 2020. They had nothing to give me.

After nearly 30 years of existence the GEF had no objectives, and no strategy. They are simply an echo chamber of like-minded people preaching to the converted. This will never achieve anything.

It’s not all bad though

I hope my writing this article will make the GEF angry, so they will take action. They have the knowledge, they have the contacts and the platform. It is not too late. If you are involved in the GEF, or know someone who is, show them this post. I am not against them. I am angry because they have done themselves a disservice. I want groups like this to succeed because I see a common wish, a shared cause. But I’m afraid at the moment, I would not bother attending another one of their events, because nothing will come of it. Take action, change my mind.



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