Coronavirus: I lost my sense of taste (in Boris Johnson)

Coronavirus made me loose my sense of taste

Coronavirus: I lost my sense of taste. Imagine the sense of panic waking up one morning 4 months into a global pandemic to find you are displaying symptoms of a killer virus. As I type, myself and Kirsty are currently infected, I believe, but we are not getting tested to free up tests for those who really need them. Having spoken to a friend of mine with a science background, who has had, and recovered from coronavirus, we are 99% certain that it is. But we are OK.

Coronavirus: I lost my sense of taste (in Boris Johnson)

While coronavirus made me lose my sense of taste, it is not that sort of taste that I refer to in this article. I was ambivalent about Boris Johnson before he became leader. He was (and is) hugely successful for a politician, and ridiculously popular, especially a Conservative politician. But I don’t like him. He seemingly has only self-interest at heart. The way he so brazenly undermined Teresa May shows that if he does not get what he wants he throws his toys out the pram and acts like a spoiled child.

He is too wrapped up in his own sense of destiny, and yet when the country needed him to act, in what I’m sure will be the biggest crisis of our lifetimes, he did not. I was staggered that despite Italy’s coronavirus outbreak the 6 Nations was still taking place, and Italians were free to enter the UK at will. Spain’s outbreak was escalating and yet Spanish football fans were allowed to come into the country. It has been reported that while meetings about coronavirus were taking place he was nowhere to be seen.

Yesterday, New Zealand declared they are Coronavirus Free.  Why? Because when they had only 102 confirmed cases, they locked down the country. At the time of writing this NZ has conducted nearly twice as many coronavirus tests as the UK despite the countries’ population being 13 times smaller. What has Boris done?

Boris Johnson has just returned to Downing Street after recovering from coronavirus. And while I am pleased he has recovered, the cheers of his loyal supporters of “Boris is back”must be ignored, as he was never really there in the first place. After all this is over questions will be asked about the effectiveness of Boris Johnson’s leadership during this crisis, and while I think he has failed to act I do respect his achievements. I can’t think of anyone else who could step into his shoes and be as successful a politician. But you have to ask, is this enough. Is it enough to be popular? Popularity will only get you so far, but equally Teresa may showed spectacularly what its like to be unpopular. Popular wins votes, but popular requires a certain about of navel-gazing and inaction – saying the right thing but not taking action, because actions have consequences and consequences can be unpopular.

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