I drove a rock to Inverness for a joke

I drove a rock to Inverness for a joke

I drove a rock to Inverness for a joke. There has been a trend of recent years for kids to paint rocks and people to move them about. I happened to find one when I was out walking my dog. Unlike most which get moved around a little in the same sort of area, but this one was from the Forrest of Dean, and it had a Facebook Page written on the bottom. It was at this point I made a momentous decision, I would take this rock as far away as possible.

I drove a rock to Inverness for a joke

Realizing I had nothing planned for the weekend, I booked a B&B, and filled the car with fuel, and off I went for a 1000 mile round trip. My enemy here was time. Would I be able to get there and back within the two-day time frame? If not, Kirsty would be late for work on Monday. Yes that’s right, I dragged Kirsty on this mental crusade, and she dealt with it in the controlled manner you would expect from someone used to putting up with my nonsense.

The route

The drive was long and the hour was late, but we had a singular vision, a purpose. We got into our B&B long after dark, and rested for the night. We had KFC as I recall – the kind of food you need on an epic journey, and watched BBC Alba on the biggest screen I have ever seen. As the morning light broke through a gap in the curtain, we arose with determination. Only 3.5 miles separated us from our desired drop site.

I drove a rock to Inverness for a joke
The drop location

We left the rock in what we assumed would be the perfect spot for travellers to take it further. From our vantage point 500 miles away we had found the Inverness tourist information centre, next to a viewing spot for orcas and dolphins, intersected by the main road north and several footpaths. Perfect. However, when we arrived after 10 hours of driving and one night in a B&B, the footpath was closed, and the Tourist Information centre boarded up. But we left the rock anyway and began our long drive back south.

I drove a rock to Inverness for a joke
The Rock in location, Inverness

I wish I could tell you this whole experience taught me something. It didn’t. I posted the photos above on the group page and got a load of likes and comments, but was that the reason for doing it? No.

The idea that some kid painted a rock and left it in a wood, then finding out his rock had travelled to some distant city he had to Google to find was the point. The idea that some anonymous stranger would do something so mental would have been what I would have wanted as a kid, and after all if you’ve got a free weekend, a car and a bucket of fried chicken – you can do just about anything!

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